What Employers Should Remember Before Outsourcing Payroll Management

Payroll handling can be a headache even for experienced professionals. Imagine the stiff penalty you can get for taxes and you already have a migraine. For many businesses, outsourcing payroll from third party service providers is an attractive and significant alternative against in-house processing.  When chosen properly, they could provide an inexpensive and simple means to pay your employees, file your taxes and do a host of other tasks that are beneficial for you and your company. However, before getting too excited, you must choose one carefully because it is a hassle to leave and a frustration to stay.




Services Offered


The basic services offered by a payroll company include calculating payroll for each employee, as well as their tax obligations. Preparing checks and management reports are also part of their job. Paychecks are delivered and may be issued on various payroll bases. Other services include statutory, government legislated payments such as maternity or sickness pay. Contribution payments can also be done by these firms, which may mean auto-enrolment to pension schemes and similar tasks. Additional services may be offered by companies differently.


Tips on Payroll Outsourcing


There are several payroll services in the UK if you are looking for one. You may try to search for them based on the services you require. They should also offer great customer service since you could expect to speak with them on a regular basis. You may ask referral from their previous clients so you can be secure of their performance. It also pays to know if they are bonded to not suffer from possible financial mismanagement. Aside from this, consider the following tips as well:


  • Be ready with the things you need to ask if you’re on the lookout for payroll services in the UK. These include their basic services, the length of working relationship with clients, the duration of payroll re-run if there are errors, tax filing service coverage and fees, and the total service cost. This cost must also include year-end forms.


  • If you are speaking with a firm that specialises only in payroll, you can check their client base to assess their stability. They must be able to support an ideal number of clients depending on their firm size.


  •  After you have decided on who to choose, go over the first paychecks because the transition could be vulnerable to glitches.


  • Do not get easily attracted to those that offer waived fees when you sign-up. More often than not, charges go higher after 6 months of service.


  • If you get a chance to speak with their references, ask how responsive the company is, if they had problems with accuracy and if possible, the reason why they had to switch to another payroll firm.


Whether you are running a small or large business, payroll management is such an important function in the company. While outsourcing could be a smart move to make, it can also be painstaking when done improperly. It pays to have a checklist when selecting a payroll firm to not miss important factors. You may also check the qualifications of reputable companies online such as http://www.berkeleyhamilton.co.uk/payroll/managed-payroll-services. This firm offers numerous payroll-related services your business can benefit from.



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5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Payroll Service Firm

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The heightening intricacies of payroll legislation in the United Kingdom have prompted many businesses, particularly the smaller ones, to outsource their payroll processing. It eases the time that accounting employees spend on calculating the payroll, the tax deductions, check preparation and producing the report for management. Payroll companies offer varied services, such as direct check deposits, envelope stuffing, automated signatures and handling retirement plans. Consider some of the benefits of using payroll services in the UK.



  1. 1.       Accountability. The UK payroll legislation is getting more complex. A payroll service has the necessary training and know-how to handle the tax codes that change annually, PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) system and the bonds for the National Insurance. The payroll service will also take charge of the deductions and statutory payments based on the current legislation. You do not have to know the filing deadlines, latest tax tables and tax codes, government forms and deposit requirements as payroll firms can take care of filing your federal and state payroll taxes.


  1. 2.       Experts in tax matters. You can avoid penalties for incorrect or late payment and filings, which constantly plague small businesses. With a payroll service, you can avail of their tax guarantee, which ensures that you will not be penalized for late or incorrect tax payments because the payroll service takes the responsibility for the fines, although you are still responsible for paying the interest.


  1. 3.       Improves your productivity. With their expertise in payroll preparation, tax calculations and payments and their knowledge of the latest tax legislations, your employees are freed from the time-consuming payroll processing. You can assign your employees to more productive tasks to help your business grow.


  1. 4.       Report preparation. Financial reports are important to your business. Instead of putting this task in the hands of your employees, the payroll company handles this as well. Moreover, they will be the ones to deal with employees’ inquiries and all the inquiries from the HM revenue and Customs. Based on your contract, they can prepare several financial reports for you, including summary statements of your earnings, payroll reports per department, company expenses, employee time sheets and other reports.


  1. 5.       Use of the latest technology. If you are handling payroll and tax preparation yourself, you will be forced to upgrade the payroll software you use once there are new changes in the tax laws.  The application you are using will be using the tax tables that were programmed into the software. If you fail to update this, you are likely to be fined. A payroll service firm always use the latest technology available. Their tax tables are up to date as well.


These are five major benefits of using payroll services in the UK. Find out how http://www.berkeleyhamilton.co.uk/payroll/managed-payroll-services can fully benefit your business. You can take full advantage of their expertise, streamline your small business operation and concentrate on going after revenue –generating tasks. You will be free of the administrative burden of regularly allocating employee man hours for the tedious task of payroll and tax preparations. 

Top Notch Job Opportunities That You Can Take Advantage of

Finding a job that you love is perhaps one of the greatest things you can reward yourself with. This is because doing the things that you really love to do is like coming to work without feeling any kind of unnecessary stress. This is what’s lacking in most people. They are usually employed but they are unhappy because what they are getting is a good and stable income but not a sense of fulfillment.

Of course, this is something that you should avoid and the good news is that you can really do it. By finding and sticking to job opportunities that count, you are automatically filtering the options available for you to take advantage of. The kinds of job opportunities you should consider would depend not only on your interests but also your skills. Here’s what you need to know.




Media, Convergence and Technology


Nowadays, the world of technology boasts of countless opportunities for employment. If in the past people were a bit wary with entering this kind of industry because they were unsure if it were to stay, now more and more people want to infiltrate it. Not only are technology and media jobs high in demand, they are also quite profitable. Since media, convergence and technology are an inevitable part of today’s world, it is truly important to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities.


How Will You Be Hired


A lot of companies out there are open for hiring especially in terms of these fields. This is because the industry is pretty new so the opportunities are still endless. Also because of this, you will have a great opportunity to really master the skills required of a particular job so you can achieve higher positions in the future.

There are two ways on how you can be hired for a job. One is by walking in and by passing your application to the HR personnel assigned to the company of your choice. The second option is for you to be recruited by a company. We will focus on the latter option.


Why Being Recruited is Best


There are many reasons why being hired for a job is much better than actually applying for it. This happens when your resume and other pertinent information are gathered and saved in a pool of information various companies will have access to. There are several executive search firms like Wenham Carter that will take care of your information, ensure its privacy, but give it away to other companies who might be interested in hiring you.


Executive search firms will definitely make your life so much easier because they will help you find the perfect match, particular in the fields mentioned above and help you too with regard to getting the most competitive salary and benefits packages.

Should You Do Payroll Services by Yourself or Outsource to a Payroll Service Provider?

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Large companies often have their own payroll department for processing payroll for employees and other financial concerns of the company. But for small or medium businesses, this may not be a practical solution as it could be a huge addition on their expenses. If you are starting or running your own small business, you may take care of the payroll by yourself or hire a payroll service provider.


The United Kingdom is a rich country and is number six on countries with the largest economies. Its service sector comprises 73% of its GDP, which include payroll services. Tourism is also another industry that is big in the country.





Do It Yourself or Hire an Agency?


If you only have very few employees, you may do the payroll by yourself. Computing and depositing their pay may not take time if you only have two or three people. Taking care of the company’s and employees’ taxes may not also be that much to handle, especially there are software that you can use for a more convenient and accurate processing.


However, if you have over twenty employees, you may want to think of outsourcing payroll services. This may take much of your time, preventing you from doing more productive tasks that would help grow your company. Furthermore, if you are not a pro in this area, there’s a bigger chance that you might have some errors on both the payments and taxes. This could even be more time consuming and frustrating if the hours of work vary from one week to another.


Services Offered by Payroll Agencies


Payroll agencies offer various types of services. They often have service packages. Some also allow customization of services so you could choose what types of services the agency would provide to you. However, the basic services they offer are preparation and delivery of paychecks, creation of payroll reports for tracking, notifications on how much tax is owed and when you should pay them and production of earning statements for employees. Aside from these basic services, other services that these agencies may provide include customizing reports, depositing pays to employees’ accounts and filing of taxes. They may also perform some HR or human resources tasks like tracking of vacation leave and sick leave.


Choosing Your Payroll Service Provider


If it’s inconvenient to do the payroll on your own, getting the help of a reputable payroll services UK provider would be a good choice. But what are the things to consider when hiring the right provider? Since they will be working with accounts and taxes, it is important to determine how they can ensure that your information will be safe. It’s also best to get one that specializes in your type of business. Determine if they offer the types of services you need, as well as their service cost. Communication is also important. How will you reach them in case you have queries or you need their help?


Hiring payroll services for your company can free you from this huge responsibility, thus letting you focus on growing your business. This will also save you more money than hiring in-house payroll staff.


Setting Quantity and Quality of Work in Equilibrium

Here you go again, so grumpy and exhausted towards work. This wouldn’t happen if you have efficient employees who do the job you exactly wanted. Well, what propel a lucrative and successful company are the proficient employees. They are the body and the brain of every organisation. Are you sure they know their job? Has it occurred to you that you are already working for them, not them working for you? There are so many executive search firms that you could rely on. Nonetheless, not all of them can provide the superior service you aspire. So be very particular in establishing your workforce.


Recharge the batteries of your employees by doing these few tips:


  • Communicate early, daily and clearly. When you set your expectations on them, be clear and systematic. People are more than a resume, so it would be an added factor if you know them. If you do, you know exactly how you can communicate with them. Identify their values, capabilities and limitations, challenges, interests, and aspirations. Now, make it a daily habit to offer them the support they need. And most importantly, do this early.


  • Walk the talk. If you expect honesty from them, model that in the way you work with them. What you get from them is what you give them. Inspire them and communicate a clear vision of how you want things to be, and talk how it can achieved. Allow collaboration and participation. Organize simple yet, emulating team buildings and establish a measurable, specific, feasible, timely and realistic goal. Demonstrate humility and willingness to grow and change along with them. Request feedback for yourself. Help them get their jobs done, not getting in their way. Don’t forget the key to open the door of trust and loyalty- listen well.


  • Tap their potentials. Develop them through workshops, courses, mentoring, shadow coaching and increasing responsibility. Provide opportunities at work for them to grow. Acquire your coaching skills and again, listen well. Active listening is a valuable skill. Encourage risk taking, and acknowledge that failure is a by- product of innovative thinking and that it is a part of the steps to complete the process. Give them a room to think and contribute. After everything has been said and done, step out of the way and let them perform.


  • Recognize performance. Inspire them to do better by giving verbal compliments even on the simplest thing they do.  It would be truly recharging after a day of tedious work. This will also allow them to work conveniently in the workplace and eventually, steer them to do better.  Introduce opportunities to solve problems together. Convey your care about them by celebrating accomplishments.  Do a monthly constructive performance assessment. Always and always remind them that their job is important. Doing this can offer a real insight.


Set quantity and quality of work in equilibrium by working hand and hand with your people. What you do together is what your company is going to become. Otherwise, your company is like a luxury car with wheels missing. Enable executive search firms like wenhamcarter.com to help you in building a better company. You always have a choice and make it a good one. Dwell on feeding off from the fuel of the people who understand you.



The Benefits You Can Get from an Online Payroll Service Company

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Dealing with payroll details is a very complicated task. It will take much of your time since you need to ensure that all the figures are correct. Every employee in your company also has different wages, taxes, sick leave and benefits that must be considered. With this, you need to make sure that everything is done right. If not, their pay will be messed up. Once your employee ends up complaining with the wrong amount received, you have to start all over again.


Hiring a payroll staff is the easiest way out. For huge companies, they have some people dealing with payroll. Sadly, this is not an easy thing to do for many other companies, especially those that have just started out their business. Small online businesses also deal with the same problem. This is the reason why you must take into consideration an online payroll service. It works just like the usual payroll staff, but everything is processed online. It also provides a lot of benefits.

Lesser Pay

The good thing about payroll service is that you need not pay someone full time. This means that you only get to pay the service once it is needed. They can either be paid per day or per transaction. On the other hand, a full time employee has to be paid and must enjoy the benefits that all other people in the company enjoy. If you are asking another employee in your company to do the payroll once a month, you deprive this person of the opportunity to finish the actual assignment given. This means that it will affect how your business is being run. When you outsource a payroll service, this employee can focus on doing just what was assigned in the first place.

Fast and Convenient Service

When you need help from an online payroll service company, all you have to do is to give them a call. They will respond to you right away. They will process everything until the pay is ready for distribution. They also provide the updates results online. If your employees wish to see the details of their pay, they can do so by going online.

Professional Service

These people dealing with online payroll service are experts in their field. They have years of experiences in their bag. This means that they can guarantee good and accurate results. If you have other financial issues in the company that is related to taxation and wages, you can also ask for consultation from them.

Being a Good Employer

There are a lot of issues right now in courts about employers not being able to justly pay their employees. Some others are accused of not paying their employees the right wages agreed upon or the benefits that they deserve to have. Though it is unintentional, the employee usually wins the battle in courts. To avoid going through the same problem and keep your image as a good employer, these outsource payroll companies will help you. They will ensure that your employees end up satisfied with what they are getting from your company.

Best techniques for success in upsell to your customers

What is Upselling?

Upselling is type of marketing in which the seller forces’ buyer in such a decent way that the buyer purchases more and more whereas the seller makes more profit than usual sales.

Grasp the concept:

Many of you must have seen the online checkouts especially of GoDaddy’s checkout. When anyone one purchase the laptop from official respective stores, at the checkout the official stores offers the buyer many accessories compatible with laptop or the upgrades of laptop on reasonable price. By seeing this type of offers almost many of the buyers buy those upgrades and accessories with the original purchase and the company becomes profitable. Now the question arise that how does many clients/employers or private workers make more money? Many of you must be thinking of traffic acquisition technique? Yes, this technique works but the more effective way is to increase the average revenue per customer.

Two major ways for increasing the average revenue per customer:

  • Bring Increase in your price (with the techniques which customers could love to buy)
  • Start upselling to your customers

In this article I will only provide you full details on the upselling because upselling is the most essential way to gain success in earning profits.

Give the proof of yourself:

When the customers enter on any website for the purpose of shopping, the first thing they look for is the legal proof of the domain and security of online shopping. Many of the clients fails in selling something online because they simply build their online stores, put things in it, and don’t even think of the security and proof of their online store. E.g. the seller can provide some legal documentations of the store online or their tax information so that the buyer could trust the seller.

Take care of Prices:

A seller should always keep in mind that not all the time all the customers have much cash in their pocket. Now the main technique is that first of all the seller should determine the nature of customer and deal accordingly e.g. if the customer is rich then the seller can easily upsell him/her but if the customer isn’t rich then the seller should provide the customers with other options to shop e.g. shop on installments, option of other thing with same quality etc. Seller should not give huge discounts on the products because this thing can bring the wrong impact about the product in many customers’ brains.

Don’t be foolish:

Here I will give example of the GoDaddy’s way of offering the checkout on their online store and upselling their customers. At GoDaddy, when someone completes the original purchase then suddenly he/she is shown some options of buying some things along with the original purchase. Now this thing can prevent customers from even buying from the store and even buying an original thing. So don’t ever make this type of mistakes and the correct way is to first let the customer make the original purchase and then the options of buying other compatible stuff should be offered.

Do Good Marketing/Services along with upsell:

Continuously providing upsells to your customers at the checkout can really irritate them and the thing which only could be expected is the social talks, tweets about your bad marketing. So to simply avoid this situation, provide friendly environment marketing and services plus those upselling of products which are fully related to the original purchase of customer. Here I will quote the text from the website

Benefits are more important than features:

What you think, many of the buyers buy to fulfill their needs or buy just because of the features of the products? Yes, there are many categories of buyers but the most of them buy a product to solve the problem or fulfill their needs rather than seeing the features of the products.

The above image is of 3 upsell options offered by GoDaddy upon the purchase. By looking on these one can easily say that these options aren’t benefit driven but how?

  • Web Hosting: They should not only offer the webhosting plan, along with it they should describe the problem the users face when hosting their domains.
  • Website Builder + Hosting: This is a pretty good job because they have provided the solution to make a good website in just 3 easy steps. Time required to build a site is also discussed to give ease to customers.
  • Email: The providers should clearly indicate that how to setup and organize your email accounts rather than just providing you with emails information.

So by offering more benefits instead of features, you will surely gain success in upselling.

Feedback is much important:

Feedback from customers is much important in every type of business. If you are working online then you should take the help of surveys to get the feedback from your customers. The purpose is not only to fill your email with feedback; the main purpose should be to work on the complaints or issues of customers which they are facing with the usage of your product.

Down selling is also important

It is obvious that everyone will not like to purchase your upsell offer. There may be several reasons behind this including lack of budget. In that case you may introduce some payment plans but another way may be to give down sell offers. Just remove some of the features from those packages and reduce their prices. However, you must keep the important features in that down sell package or otherwise your customers will not purchase it.


Upselling is an important part of revenue generation. If you are looking for an instant way of increasing your revenue while expanding your business and maintain customer satisfaction, upselling is a nice way to achieve the goal. You can easily increase your revenue up to 30% in this way as soon you will realize that your every customer values more than before.

Working as a consultant – Why a major part of every career?

Before completing your studies and taking your first steps in career building, you may assume that you will start your career with, if not with your desired job then at least with the one which may lead you to the most high position. However, things do not always turn out according to your will. When you start building your career, you will soon realize that consulting is a job without which you cannot move further. This is common to all careers as the skills you gain from consulting job are extremely valuable which play a major role in helping you attain success. Now let’s have a detailed look on some other reasons why consulting is the job every professional must experience.

Problem solving

Consulting is all about problem solving. There are numerous types of problems and case studies you come across depending on your field when working as a consultant. In order to successfully solve all of them, you must be extra creative and approach the problem in all possible ways. Once you diagnose the main root of that problem, you have to look for a more practical which can be easily implanted. For that you need to think in many different ways depending on the nature of the problem. With more experience as a consultant, you will definitely be strong enough n your profession to face any problem that may occur in future.

Courage of pointing out mistakes

Generally in today’s so called ‘Yes sir’ culture and corporate culture, which is found in most of the organizations, it is really difficult to express what you are thinking. Even if that is for the betterment of the company, still it requires a lot of courage to represent your ideas and objections the best way. However, this task of expressing your thoughts becomes easier when you are a consultant. There are two major reasons behind this. Firstly, you are not like other employees who just have to execute the commands of their seniors. You are a consultant who has to correct the problems of the company and guide it to the success. For that you must clearly tell the concerned person that his or her decision is not good and it may be corrected in that way. Secondly, you are paid for doing this. So this is another important skill consulting gives you, to speak out what you think instead of just following the authority.

Surviving in all circumstances

This may sound unfair but that is the reality in most cases. Today, especially in many large organizations, there are no strict rules for the employees. There are a number of such workers who just work the least and get the best pay. Furthermore, there is no one to fire them pointing out their poor performance. On the other hand, consultants are forced to follow more strict rules. Any mistake or lack of performance from a consultant can cost him heavily as they are fired without any approval from senior. So it is not wrong to say that a consultant is constantly under the thread of firing. However, if we look in a positive approach, this gives a consultant a nice experience of maintaining his performance every time. So doing a consulting job makes you sufficiently tough to survive in all circumstances and not giving anyone a single chance to make any negative point base of ending your career.

Effective communication

A job of consultant teaches you the best ways of communicating and convincing you clients. This is because as a consultant you must remain in touch with the people around you in order to make them realize that you are producing positive results. You communicate your clients in every possible way as appropriate. This gives you a valuable skill of expressing yourself in the most convincing manner. As a result, you gain the confidence for the rest f the career which is important to be successful.

Meeting deadlines

As a consultant, you must be active anytime to meet the any given deadlines or otherwise you will have to face severe circumstances.  The harsh consequences of not being timely do not depend upon the reason for the delay. So it is your responsibility to submit he required work within the given duration. However, being punctual is not all about your efficiency. It requires you to be more tactful to cover the reasons behind the delay which are generally not under your control. An example is of any employee on whom you are dependent for completing the task. So you must be able to manage people and all other such causes of delay in order to meet the deadlines. The skills you get from this experience are lifelong precious which will also help you in your personal life apart from professional life.

Convincing the authorized

You must be familiar of the fact that in today’s corporate world, it is no way easy to get the things done as per you wish. This applies especially to the large organizations where the high level executives are acting as a barrier in the implementation of your ideas. So when you work as a consultant, you try to persuade your clients to accept your solutions to their problems. Similar is the case here. If you have previously gained the experience of convincing people to accept you, you will find it somewhat easier in you rest of professional life to ‘sell’ your ideas to the authorized personalities. This skill is very valuable especially when you want to attain the favor of your seniors and make them do what you want.

Managing things in budget

In which ever organization you are working, you must be aware that there are budget refrains everyone. This also applies to the large, rich companies as well. So when you are working as a consultant, you must keep in focus the available budget for solving a problem. This gives you a strong experience of working while staying in the budget. Without this, you will never be able to make your organization to survive for more. So you must keep a record of at least weekly expenditure. This practice can be very useful in your professional and personal life as well.

So whether you like being a consultant or not, you must note that this job is worth your. If you spend even only 6 month to one year in his job, you will definitely learn many precious skills and experience with which attaining your desired position becomes easier. So why not to start your career as a consultant?